Geothermal power stations in Kenya


olkaria I

Olkaria I – 45MW. Conventional station 3 x 15MW commissioned in 1981-1985


Olkaria II – 105MW conventional 3 x35MW. Comissioned in 2003 and 2010

5MW 1st KenGen Wellhead generator under at Olkaria Field

Olkaria III- 12MW binary plant.Commissioned in 2000

Olkaria III 45MW additional binary plant under construction (2008)

Oserian I – 2 MW binary plant commissioned in 2004.

Oserian II (OW-202) – 1.8MW Backpressure. Currently produces 1.3MW due to low supply of steam. Commissioned in January 2008.


Eburru KenGen 2.3MW Wellhead generator commissioned in 2012.


Second KenGen Wellhead

Olkaria 2nd Wellhead 12MW (2x6MW) generator


[caption id="attachment_1073" align="alignleft" width="420"]Olkaria 3rd Wellhead (28MW) Olkaria 3rd Wellhead (28MW)


Olkaria IV (140MW)
Olkaria IV (2x70MW)