GeoSteam seeks International companies for goods and services

Kenya is in the middle of a vast geothermal resource found in the East African rift system covering Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC and Zambia.  Kenya has since 1981 been successfully exploiting its geothermal resources and has developed a legal framework that allows both public and private geothermal development.  The country has moved a notch higher in this regard by establishing a company (GDC) to be dedicated to steam development for sale to IPPs.  Currently there are eight (9) rigs drilling for steam in the country four of which are hired.  The country targets to install 5,000MW of geothermal by 2030. It is anticipated that once GDC drills for steam, IPPs will be given concessions to build power plants and enter into PPAs with the Kenyan offtaker (Kenya Power and Lighting Company).  There is also a strategy for utilizing steam as soon as it is drilled by installing mobile wellhead generators.

Given this ambitious plan, very many wells will be drilled and tested which will require substantial drilling materials and related services.  More rigs will be procured and or hired.  The reason for this is that the Kenya government has made geothermal its primary source of power.

There is therefore a huge opportunity for companies in the geothermal industry to do business in Kenya.  In this regard, GeoSteam Services Ltd located in Kenya is very keen to assist US companies interested in doing business of goods and services in Kenya.  GeoSteam is also in a position to assist companies interested in obtaining concessions or investing in geothermal power plants as IPPs in negotiating for PPAs and Steam Supplies Agreements (SSA) in Kenya.  Interested companies are requested to contact with a brief company profile and the goods and services for which that can be supplied, and information for a contact person.